Dr. Daniel Fenster, DC

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Dr. Daniel Fenster is the Clinic Director of Complete Wellness. He has been practicing for 40 years as a Health Coach, Life Guide and Chiropractor in New York City. Dr. Fenster’s commitment to treating the “whole patient” has proved essential to finding solutions where conventional approaches have failed. He, too, is familiar with long-term struggles and debilitating conditions: As a child, he suffered horribly from headaches. Medicine offered short term, but never permanent, relief. Ever since he has been cultivating his noninvasive and drugless philosophy of wellness.

In his 30+ years of practice, Dr. Fenster has treated many professional athletes and celebrities. He was on the medical staff of the USA Maccabiah Team, the second largest sporting event in the world after the Olympics. Dr. Fenster is an internationally recognized chiropractor and has flown all over the world to treat Royals and Diplomats. He is an innovator of the Integrated Model and has helped many patients by combining Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Psychology, Physiatry, Physical Therapy, and Yoga. In addition, Dr. Fenster is the host of the COMPLETE WELLNESS radio show on WABC Radio, the host of the upcoming podcast BEYOND BIOHACKING, a sought-after lecturer in Stress Management for businesses and corporations, and the author of 3 books: "Free Your Fascia" published by Hay House, “CRYOTHERAPY- The Secret To Staying Young” and soon to be released “UPRIGHT – The Body Language of Success.”

Dr. Daniel Fenster, D.C.

Dr. Brian Mayrsohn, M.D., MS

Dr. Mayrsohn completed an interventional pain fellowship at the prestigious Tri-Institute Fellowship program, which includes training at renowned institutions such as Cornell University, The Hospital For Special Surgery, and Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. He completed his residency training in Anesthesiology at the Mount Sinai Hospital for Anesthesiology. Dr. Mayrsohn earned his M.D. at the University of Central Florida and an MS in Nutrition at Columbia University. He received a B.A. at Vanderbilt University and majored in Medicine Health & Society.

Dr. Mayrsohn works closely with our physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and therapists to effectively blend the best of cutting-edge medicine and set a new standard in pain care. His approach is focused on identifying the root causes of your pain and assisting you in regaining the quality of life you’ve lost through a range of effective pain management treatments, all of which are non-surgical and can be performed on-site.

Dr. Brian Mayrsohn, M.D., MS

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